Marmaris is located in a bay with a colorful view of the hills at the confluence of the two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. According to one version, the name of the city means "Pearl of the Sea" in ancient Greek.

The city is home to 34,000 people. The temperate maritime climate of Marmaris, combined with green hills and coniferous forests, makes this resort attractive to tourists.

There is something to see and where to go in Marmaris. The most interesting places of the city and its surroundings in our article. At the end of the material you will find an interactive map with Russian sights that will help you to see more.

To get acquainted with the history of the city, you should visit Kale Ici Marmaris Merkez (Russian: Marmaris Fortress), built in 1522 by the order of the Legitimate Sultan. There is a beautiful sea view.

Currently, the castle is the main museum of the city, located in Torde, Cordon CD. No: 54, 48700 Marmaris / Mula and is open from 8 am to 5 pm, entrance fee is 5 lira.

Another popular attraction of Marmaris for tourists is the Ylik Kayalar archeological park, which is translated into Russian as "Rocks of Prosperity". Distinctive feature These rocks are a large number of cacti and other plants that grew here several thousand years ago. The park is open from 9 am to 8 pm.

The park can be found in the city center, near the Old City, located at 95 Kemeralt Mahallesi, on a small street parallel to the coast. Sk. No: 14, 48700 Marmaris / Mula, anyone can visit, admission to the park is free

One of the most interesting places in Marmaris is the China Park, which was established a few years ago thanks to the signing of a friendship agreement with Marmaris. Chinese city Jinan.

The park is located on the shores of Kamal Seyfeddin Elgin Boulevard and tourists can get there by any minibus going to the center of Marmaris.

The attraction attracts tourists with its diversity - the park has a Chinese-style pavilion, two ponds at different heights, the water always flows down from the upper pool, the noise, along with the beautiful goldfish swimming in these pools make up the Chinese Park. beautiful place to relax.

This park can be visited day and night and free of charge.