About the company

Established in 2020 to provide good service and affordable prices to applicants, Rose Travel Agency, as an innovative representative of the tourism industry, offers tours to both domestic and foreign countries, and provides hotel accommodation services. We have been growing rapidly since our inception and we are always learning the latest to serve you better. We can say with confidence that during our activity we have always worked on ourselves, served you in a high way, and have always left a pleasant mark on our memories. Thanks to reliable cooperation for many years, Rose Travel Agency organizes various trips around the world. We offer you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of sanatoriums in different countries of the world, luxury and also low-cost trips, stay in the hotel of your dreams and unforgettable entertainment, this and similar travel opportunities. As a Rose Travel team, we treat those who come to us as our friends and prepare a vacation plan that our friends will never forget. Therefore, we are glad that we have so many friends!